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Hello and welcome to the LPSTuber Wikia!!! So glad your here!!!! These are my personal favoutites so see what you think. I have included a bit of info about each.But if i wold choose...I wold pick LPSHannah as the best of the best!

Sophiegtv: ( Sophie ) She is 18 years old and lives in Canada. She goes to university and has blonde hair but has dyed it brown. She does lots of series but the most commonly known is Lps Popular!!

Lpshannah: ( Hannah ) Hannah, most known as the creator of LPShannah.A 17 year old girl from Sweden and she dosent mind to be a little different.She is also a Christian, that was grown up in a Christian family and she has only grown closer to Christ over the years. As you might under-stand,she is a huge Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) fan and collector.She got her first LPS at Christmas 2008 and she has been collecting ever since.She first discovered LPS videos about five years ago, not long after she discovered YouTube. One day she was looking for LPS commercials so she went on YouTube and searched, but once she clicked enter the first results were homemade LPS videos!She had never seen anything like it before and she got very interested and started watching more. Soon she had found her favorite “LPStubers”. Almost two years later she finally created her own channel and she has now been on YouTube for more than three years. This LPStube community has become such a huge part of her life and it’s amazing. She never thought that she would ever come this far! She have got to be a part of awesome things and she has learned so much, and she is now studying media & film in school to learn how to create better content.She is really good!Go and have a look!

Lizzygarret28: ( Elizabeth ) She was born in Holand where she learnt dutch. Than she moved to Texus where she learnt  english. Her first language is dutch though. Recently she moved to Arizona. She is 15. She makes Best Friends, The evil queen, A school girls Life and little M.S mess.

Themaddielps: ( Maddie ) She lived in the United States but moved to Germany. She does not know German though. She was born with jet black hait but somehow it turned blonde. Then it turned brown but she dyes it blonde how it used to be. Her best friends are Taylor Evans and Ryan Keebly. She is almost 15. She has made the 3 journals and is working on True.

GoGREENgirl188: ( Alexis ) She likes to be called Lex or Lexi. She is 16 and makes lps videos such as Alice in wonder land and Random Events. She is seriously funny!!!

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